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    Predeterminado Introduction to technical bulletins


    All vehicle manufacturers produce technical bulletins which they circulate to their dealers. Some of the content, such as recall information, may be safety related while much of it deals with general in-service issues, the introduction of improved spare parts and repair methods. This section will be used to draw Forum readers' attention to key subjects on which the factory has produced advice to dealers. The material will contain the salient points from the factory bulletins produced for this purpose. Entries will be intended to raise owners' awareness and help the understanding of when solutions or improvements are available. This section is not intended to act as detailed guidance to repair procedures. Where necessary, owners should consult their dealerships or workshops with suitably trained staff.

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    Animated video service

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    A Galician comes to a company to ask for a job and they pass it to the Human Resources department. There they indicate that they are going to begin by asking you some questions to evaluate their knowledge.
    The Galician says: "Of course, jolins !, ask me!
    The examiner begins:
    -Explíqueme briefly that they are the catódicos rays.
    The Galician thinks for a few seconds and answers:
    -The cathode rays are Isabel and Fernando.
    The examiner is stunned and asks:
    -So, if Isabel and Fernando are the "cathode rays", who are the Catholic kings?
    The Galician answer quickly:
    - Then Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar.
    -Ah! - The examiner could not contain himself already, but to finish he asks one last question:
    -And if Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar are the "Catholic kings", who are the wise men?
    The Galician a little surprised by the question says:
    "Seriously, do not you know who the wise men are?
    The examiner shakes his head. Then the Galician approaches him and whispers in his ear:
    -The wise men are the parents.



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